Maya Hypnosis Unfolds the Role and Functioning of Maya (Illusion) in the Play of Awakening and Coming Out of the Person Hypnosis


Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Psychologist, Kali Fraser  Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR, GQHP, MLPTA of Maya Hypnosis and Hypno-Ayahuasca - Professional Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy, Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Progression, Ayurveda (Science and Wisdom of Life) and NLP. Professional practice since 2004. Specialising in a number of areas which include: ANXIETY, PANIC, FEAR, TRAUMA, POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD), BEREAVEMENT, WEIGHT LOSS, STOPPING SMOKING.​ EMOTIONS, FEELINGS and EXPERIENCESTrauma not dealt with turns Emotions into triggers.

Maya Hypnosis unfolds the role and functioning of Maya or illusion/delusion in the play of awakening and coming out of the person hypnosis. We have all been bitten by the serpent of the Maya; the illusion of the self.  Things come up to be burped out; identity comes up to the surface, thoughts, emotions, feelings, pains bubble up to the surface. The fear, initially, is just the fear of losing the 'idea' of who we are. You are not Maya, you have simply experienced body/mind of Maya and its conditioning. This ‘form’ is just a costume, a mask in consciousness; the one behind the costume is eternal.

What if ‘the false you’ was created by the concepts of mind, that YOU does not exist and YOU an illusion also? In such understandings there is no conceptualising, no mind acting as the comprehending ego you. Such understanding without any ‘ego you’ is pure, such apperceiving is that IS is all there IS; Consciousness, Awareness, Wakefulness, Enlightenment, Source, God or what so ever you call IS. Whoever’s doing just IS are witnessing the entire functioning of manifestation.

Nothing is you yet... A wise man re-builds self from the bricks others have thrown at him.

Maya Hypnosis allows you to  identify and observe the fear, pain, trauma, emotion, feeling, issue/s and allows you to let go of all, including your identity… identity of who you think you are causes much confusion as to whom you truly are. All that ‘you’ are experiencing right now are your birth pains. The secret is learning to die before you die. “If you cannot submit, you cannot die, and if you cannot die, you cannot get reborn” – (Moore)

Your real work is living your unique answer to ‘Who are You?’ Liberation is a process punctuated with a series of instantaneous realisations which enables soul to deconstruct Maya’s apparently separatist lies and to transform consciousness into pure truth. Discovering self is the best use of time. As you begin to awaken to the Truth, you start noticing how well life flows by itself and how well you are cared for. Life supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the one who is open to self-discovery.


Surrendering the false self allows you to merge in your own eternal being. Whenever you imagine you know something, you cease being open to the living exploration. You have closed a door and cut off the oxygen to the breathing truth. If you leave past, future and even present thoughts behind, you’ll be a witness to life unfolding by itself. You’ll be free of all attachments, fears and concerns by keeping your mind inside your own heart. If you rest in being, in IS, your life is always fresh and imbued with joy and timeless presence. Be wise, be happy…be free.


You are in charge of your spiritual unfoldment, not even a great cosmic master can weld a liberated ‘you’ into your being. All Maya Hypnosis does is simply open doors of your mind and your heart and eliminate blocks in your path. To Experience LIFE beyond the Physical Dimension of Creation you need to be Granted Access to a Tool which can be used to Witness/Perceive/Experience LIFE beyond the Physical Dimension of Creation. This Tool is called the Third-Eye it's not Outside of You it's within YOU. What you are looking for is what is looking. Begin travelling beyond knowing.

Once you step through that 'dimensional portal' the adventure begins! “It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul” – (Plato)


Meditation is also required; you can only be directed by the souls purpose when you are able to watch the conditioned self and its endless pursuits and let them go. "The complete stillness of the brain is an extraordinary thing; it is highly sensitive, vigorous, fully alive; aware of every outward movement but, utterly still" – (J. Krishnamurti)

All words are based on conceptual duality, spiritual teachings and self-conception must avoid subliminal programming away from oneness. Avoid carelessly using words as they can unwittingly imprison soul in false conception. What is Known; The Physical (senses), Mental (thinking). What is Unknown; Pranic (energetic). Higher Mind (archetypes). Non-dual Bliss (enstatic). Wisdom is Knowing that I am nothing. Love is Knowing that I am everything. In between the two; life flows. “Let silence take you to the core of life” – (Rumi).

The system will change when Beings are no longer a prisoner of their minds created self.



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