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Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Psychologist; Dip. Hyp, Dip SRT, Dip. PLT, Dip. Ayur, Dip. NLP, EMDR, GQHP, MLPTA of Maya Hypnosis, Maya Chess and Hypno-Ayahuasca; Professional Hypnotherapy, Regression. Past Life Therapy, Lives-In-Between Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Progression, Future Life Therapy, Ayurveda (Science and Wisdom of Life) and NLP. Professional practice since 2004. Specialising in ANXIETY, PANIC, FEAR, TRAUMA, POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, DIS-ABILITIES, DIS-ORDERS, BEREAVEMENT, WEIGHT LOSS/GAIN, STOPPING SMOKING.​ EXPERIENCES, Matrix Thinking, Emotional Intelligence. Trauma not dealt with turns Emotions into triggers and patterns. Why?

Maya Hypnosis resolves problems and patterns of client by a process of investigation. Client needs to be ready and willing to face these issues and delve deep. We utilise the emotions associated with the issue to gather relevant information. “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth"- Dostoevsky. We take nothing for granted and look deeply. We open deeper vision, and let go of ALL when we reach ideal point. Majority only see surface of life and are content with a surface view (Ego driven). Here Ego is used as Vessel and you have own memory chest, map, compass on board. 

Maya Hypnosis unfolds the Maya (illusion) in coming out of the person hypnosis (shadow self). Things come up to be burped out; thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, pains…all bubble up to the surface. You are not Maya, you have simply experienced body/mind of Maya and its conditioning. This form is just a costume, what is behind the costume is eternal. “Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called life.” - Allan Rufus. The game, of playing all roles, is difficult, you don’t want to find self too quickly, for that would spoil the game.

Maya Hypnosis is based on Jungian Therapy and Jung’s Analysis; an intensive, thorough psychological therapy which illuminates the dark areas of psyche and favours self-realisation, designed to unite the conscious with unconscious and shape true self. Jung’s expertise in the worlds of science, anthropology, astrology, art, religion and dreams make this a rare therapy indeed. The deeper we go the simpler it gets.

The Jungian approach is a 3 phase process: self-awareness, transformation and actualisation. You become sight in the darkest and most inaccessible part of psyche in order to transform it. Jungian analysis is a special form of psychotherapy, a personal “reconciliation” with the unconscious side. Realisation that all experience is undifferentiated consciousness often leads to a tremendous sense of freedom, unity, home, stillness and wonder. Soul completes itself though its own journey of completion.

Hypnosis simply allows one to identify and observe the fear, pain, trauma, emotion, feeling and therefore, let go of all. Nothing is you yet. A wise man re-builds self from the bricks others have thrown at him but, how do all the pieces fit together? There is a clear cut mathematical connection to all and the energy force behind a wounded ego (emotional pain) is a spring board and opening for transformation and the journey inward.  We all have a point on our loop/time line where ALL just Blows Up like fireworks. 'Things' may 'appear' tragic, but deep underneath the disastrous circumstances are ALL ‘things’ working together in order to complete itself.

We use our given emotion (intelligence), like compass points geometry degrees, eventually we turn a complete 180 degrees which creates full reversal, a U-turn, a curve, its is dead behind you. A full circle is not 360 degrees, 180+180 and you going the exact way you were going before. Someone, at some point turned from an action or path in life only to turn back to it again. The person who turns, in the moment, from path way, sticks to it. It doesn't matter what decisions are made as no scenario is placed before us to discuss. In space-time if we create a curve, a particle can go back in time to where it started, which would result in space-time folding upon itself. How can we actually die if we can travel through time? 

Within your hypnotherapy session at Maya Hypnosis, you may naturally develop the ability to release linear thinking and therefore acquire the capacity to think circular which will enhance your brain performance (Matrix-Q Thinking) by simply understanding how your mind map works. The Mind Map is a giant 3D map that is constantly connecting seemingly unconnected things and drawing lines between things and your brain finds the overlap in connection to everything. A point that completes the plane in order to complete itself.

We are all simply energy. Understanding the laws of physics, electricity, magnetism and a current loop connection; Electrons cluster about a proton-packed nucleus until negative and positive charges exactly match. The line drawing rules are like those for electric fields due to electric charges. The current carrying spiral is the magnetic field, the spinning movement back and forth is the force of the two opposite poles? Within the spiral line itself there are no poles therefore lines can close on/in/out themselves. The magnetic field due to an electric current produces magnetic circulation but no magnetic flux, as it has a circulation source and therefore, a current loop. You are stuck in this loop? One revolution keeps sending you back in the opposite direction, light bearer needs to be behind you. You be the light in the dark, see, there's no-thing to be afraid of. We simply turn a complete 180 degrees dead behind you. 180+180 and you going the exact way you were going before. ​

Pain, loss, separation, betrayal, anxiety, fears, dramas, there's much suffering in the world but, none of this is an accident. These are gifts that we must own, integrate, understand, and love before we can transcend them, our love and gentleness brings out the best in us and others, our aspirations for what is true, and what connects us to each other.. You can hide, but you can't run. Shadow is part of self. Self is part of all. There is no-thing to fix. Only to See. Only to Listen to. Only to understand. All design patterns can be broken down as a language.


Is it all a Race Against Time? All depends on your View Point. Back to turning point; 180 + 180 (Turn 180 degrees; do full U-turn dead behind you, this changes your VIEW POINT completely the opposite way PLUS go back to same point 180 degrees). Then you have gone full circle, you are back HOME. 180 + 180 = 360 (0). If you take symbol of + this can not probe. If you take take 180 as just 2 sides/turns of same coin/circle then; 1+1=0. We simply spiral back through all layers until we let go of all and, simply leave the mask, costume and all drama behindWe rise above the chaos with a pure spirit and heart...

We may seem to be all over the place, when in reality we are in a spiral where we keep coming back to same point every time the spiral makes its way back around. Getting to ultimate point of "letting go" you may naturally stop breathing for a while as 'you' the 'medicine' takes over at the end of its unravelling... Blissful feelings come when heart has fully opened up to Source, we can spiral back and forth to this point, we laugh when we see things presented in unexpected ways through all the multi-layers. Sometimes the puzzle has big pieces that are easy to put together, while other times it may take time to learn how the pieces fit, when all collapses as it unfolds and folds into itself to free itself GIANT BREATH comes at same point as all reveals itself within itself. A Classical Gift of Education that mathematicians call an ideal point of infinity.

...And, here we are, sitting upon hovering lotus of life. Now we see and, the spiralling lines is the wavering path it took to find truth and balance. 

All Maya Hypnosis does is simply peel back the layers of the conditioned self, open doors of heart and, eliminate blocks in your path by using tools such as Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Regression Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Life In-Between Lives Therapy, Progression Therapy, Future Life Therapy, NLP, Ayurveda, Hypno-Ayahuasca. You can only be directed by the souls purpose when you are able to watch the conditioned self and its endless pursuits and let them go. 


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