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Military Hypnotherapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Maya Hypnosis Wages War on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;

A service aimed at helping the armed forces and veterans cope with civilian life.


Maya Hypnosis provides the armed forces and Veterans with resolution to deeply-held shock and terror by bringing one back to a sense of an integrated self. Trauma disconnects you from your own internal sense of security, the sooner you can get it back, the better you will feel. Trauma not dealt with turns Emotions into triggers.


With Maya Hypnosis you will observe signs each day that confirms your progress of relying on your infallable instincts and intuition. You will also observe signs that confirm you to be a better soldier and human being.


A positive example the military gives us that can be used in hypnotherapy anywhere;  “As a result of the studies that were done during the Vietnam conflict, the relationship between post traumatic stress disorder and hypnotise ability was made. Combat traumas enhance hypnotic potential in some veterans, and veterans with excellent hypnotic potential begin to problem solve better preparing for a healthier post-war transition” (article from PubMed; Medline from Mental Health Services at Nellis Air Force Base)… This literature suggests that spontaneous dissociation, imagery, hypnotisability are important components of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms… this means that the severity of the traumatic experience itself can actually help relieve the symptoms of it. Using stress to cure stress...


If one is willing to use the energy coming from the bad experience as a power to get them deeper into their ”healthy intuition”, that same healthy intuition will heal them. So one with PTSD is able to crystallize that moment of terror. Allowing the same survival instinct that got them out to get them in – as far into their subconscious as they need to go to let it do the healing.


Kali founder of Maya Hypnosis, designed this treatment plan for PTSD with help from members of the armed forces, survivors of rape, accidents, natural disasters, and betrayal. ‘I have had sufficient experience and I am comfortable enough with extreme fear and panic states that I am never drawn into the client's emotions in such a way that would hamper my ability to help them’ (Kali). It is also important to know that we never go back to these fear and panic states without a view to gaining knowledge to help us move forward.

Hypno-Processing treatment for PTSD- procedure of Re-integration​

• Maya Hypnosis speaks through your defences to release your emotions and find the root cause. In your mind we return to the "cause". This will automatically lessen its hold over you (this procedure is a specific process involving mental imagery of the traumatic event combined with relaxation techniques). Confronting the trauma is the first step toward healing it and putting it behind you for good… Defences are recognised as having been valuable at the time of trauma, but they are less useful now and are standing in the way of further self-understanding.

• As we enter into the situation where the trauma occurred, strong emotions or physical movements may occur. It is safe to re-experience what you may have thought was not safe to experience the first time as you have developed resources and understandings since that event which will help you re-experience the trauma in a safe way.

• Transforming relationship to trauma: Here the current self's resources are automatically bought forward to the past self's situation. ‘The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results’ (Carl Jung ).

• Maya Hypnosis gives you permission to do the things that make you laugh and be happy. When you are threatened, your body and mind are programmed to focus on survival with total tunnel vision. Yet if this "state of alert" continues for too long, it will wear you down, depriving you of the stamina needed for the longer task of rebuilding your life.

• Self-nurturing gives you permission to feel bad about your situation, it allows your feelings to flow without judging them. It gives you permission to just be at peace and at one with yourself and the Universe again.

• As the shift in understanding of the experience at the situational level occurs, you will be ready to reintegrate this newly-understood experience into the larger framework of the self. This learning is then automatically inserted into that situation.

The worst thing you can do is to "just forget about it" or to "medicate it away" by drugs, alcohol, or anti-depressant medication. These will only lead to cover up the crack whilst the root problem will keep growing with in, finding more ways to show itself in the form of physical or mental dis-ease. If you do not allow the trauma to make you stronger, it will kill you. The choice is yours.

Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)​

• Involuntary Flashbacks: Past experiences relived in the mind – feeling of lost time.

• Involuntary Triggers: Traumatic events brought back full force by a unconnected sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch (sense memory).

• Uncharacteristic Substance Abuse: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food or prescription meds,

• Chronic State of Alert: Including being startled too easily, always being on edge, having frequent panic or anxiety attacks, racing heart, prone to hyperventilation and chronic digestive problems.

• State of Withdrawal: Signs of withdrawal include constant avoidance of people, places and things reminding you of the trauma), becoming emotionally numb, being acutely depressed or retreating into silence.

• Brain Fogginess: If you have poor concentration, blocked thought, impaired mental processes and poor concentration, it is likely to be PTSD related.

• Chronic Sleep Disturbance: If your sleep patterns are different after the trauma compared to before, it is likely to be PTSD related.

• War veterans and survivors with PTSD may experience severe headaches and anxiety attacks, crying spells, depression, heavy sweats, sustained unexplainable pains and develop phobias or irrational fears that may or may not be related to the actual traumatic event.


You are the cure and formula to totally stop any war/battle/conflict going on in your mind or body, no one else can truly heal you. Any pain or suffering experienced is screaming out for you to take notice, it is not there to be ignored or covered up with dangerous medications/drugs. High dosages of prescribed drugs or alcohol block communication with the soul and make this work impossible to do.



Disclaimer: To comply with UK and European Law, it is a requirement that any advice sought from this website is for educational purposes only and in no way is intended to replace or supersede medical advice. Always consult your Doctor or GP for any ailments.


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