Hypno-Ayahuasca Treatment Plan

Ayahuasca is high in a chemical called dimethyltryptamine (DMT for short). This is a natural occurring chemical found in the  brain, blood, lungs and other parts of the human body.  Located in the centre of the brain is the main factory of human DMT. As our bodies already posses everything they need for the doors to be opened, we just need to know the root to tap into the factory of DMT. Maya Hypnosis opens the doors of mind without the use of Ayahuasca.


Maya Hypnosis offers healing sessions for individuals to cleanse and clear out many of the accumulative psychological effects of emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, stress and negativity in their life. This is not a complex system it is just a key that opens doors to knowledge that can give you information about who you are and what your role on earth is. It shows you who are and not who you would like to be so that body and soul/spirit may become a good vehicle for positive energy by reconnecting with Mother Earth and the ancient Wisdom of our first Ancestors. Here you will be able to rediscover what you knew about the Stars and how they affect you.

Healing and understanding Karma; A celebrity although apparently successful could be balancing their karma through setting themselves up to be publicly ridiculed and/or attacked repeatedly by the Media. If you are jealous of the wealthy and those in power and insist that most are heartless, greedy and ruthless and have lied to gain their wealth, you may have acted this way before and created negative karma in doing so. If you feel let down by life and loved ones maybe you have denied them love in the past. The truth is without looking deeply we will never fully understand ours or others situation or place in life. Every one of us has our own path to walk and how ever limited or successful we feel, this life is just Karma trying balance. To break a turbulent Karmic cycle it is important that we do our best to gain wisdom and truth about our current state. Only by understanding and accepting our position can we learn to love all and leave behind all negative influence.

Shamanic Journeying - the ‘Ayahuasca Iboga Effect’ in Derbyshire UK

Ayahuasca and Iboga are plant mixtures used by many Shaman to induce altered states of consciousness to allow them to communicate better with nature and the spirit world and see what is causing a clients illness. The plants have been used over many thousands of years to help open doors in peoples minds allowing two way communication with the mind and the soul. Ayahuasca itself in some religions is called the ‘vine of the soul' or 'vine with a soul’.  Although the use of these plants should never be forgotten many Shamans have learnt to access these doors with out the use of the plants.  This is where Kali steps in as an experienced Cosmic guide and Transpersonal Psychologist. Both Ayahuasca and Iboga are high in a chemical called dimethyltryptamine, or DMT for short. This is a natural occurring chemical found in the  brain, blood, lungs and other parts of the human body.  There is strong evidence pointing towards the pineal gland ("the third eye" in esoteric traditions), located in the centre of the brain, as the main factory of human DMT. As our bodies already posses every thing they need for the doors to be opened we just need a guide like Kali to show us how and where to find them.

The Shamanic Journey’s Design and Effect

Derbyshire Hypnotherapist Kali, can aid clients with Shamanic Journeying by unlocking the doors of mind and giving the equivalent impact of the rainforest Plant Medicine Teachers Ayahuasca and Iboga. Under deep hypnosis you can shamanicly travel to the other worlds with precision and vision, cleansing and purifying your soul (without the purging, dizziness and diarrhoea) in the process. Many people see dreamlike visions, geometric figures/shapes, manifestations of deceased ancestors, guides, other species in other worlds, Gods, Demons and planets, some also have strong feelings of flying through space, euphoria and fear. Sometimes strong feeling of death arise and extreme panic but its important to trust that the soul only shows what is needed to cleanse the individual. At all times Kali will be by your side to help guide, reassure and offer explanation of your visions. All clients although shaken by their experience are left with a most wonderful sense of peace.

Through this learning experience one is able to restore a sense of simplicity and natural joy into life. One becomes a conscious part of the natural healing journey Mother Earth has already begun.

Extraction Healing

Going safely  inside of the conscious mind we are able to see elemental forms of energy as they truly exist. We can see how the vibrations we give off affect the world and the worlds vibrations affect us. With this open sense of vision we are also able to see illness more clearly, where it lies in us and its shape and form. The ‘Extraction Healing’ that takes place can be compared to the process one goes through when they see a western medical surgeon who cuts out the sickness in the body. During your journey Kali opens the unconscious mind to allow you see your true being. Pollutants and sicknesses created by traumas and negative karma or forces can be visually removed by the client themselves or by Kali and the scares healed.

Maya Hypnosis is a door, not an escape, it reveals mysteries of life and irrigates the forgotten lands of the mind; this is its way of enlightening.
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