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Duality to Non-duality Awakening Help Support All-ways

Maya is mind, the cause of all duality; mankind to see the illusion of the universe as solid forms, this is called 'Mass Maya'All visible objects, like body are merely products of Maya and are sent out as bubbles. Sets and objects are elements of the set which is why patterns come to forefront and abstract from the “real” nature of object . Maya was intended to only partially hypnotise souls coming into the virtual world; a careful balance between truth and fiction. Too little Maya and the game would not be much fun. Too much Maya, and souls would become trapped in the game, engrossed in its drama, believing their costumes are their true identity, Death has many faces (masks in consciousness). The game, of playing all roles, is difficult, you don’t want to find self too easily, for that would spoil the game...

“Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called life.” - Allan Rufus. Through these movements we learn about ourselves, we gain knowledge and insight into how the world works, which gives us wisdom, different understandings and view point. 

Maya Hypnosis is based on Jungian Therapy and Jung’s Analysis; an intensive, thorough psychological therapy which illuminates the dark areas of psyche and favours self-realisation, designed to unite the conscious with unconscious and shape true self. Jung’s expertise in the worlds of science, anthropology, astrology, art, religion and dreams make this a rare therapy indeed. The deeper we go the simpler it gets, inwards we go...

This world is a lunatic asylum for the insane. We are all symptoms of this world. Psychotherapy changes where your heads at, it changes your view point. Choosing to follow this Transpersonal and Awakening Journey is often like leading a charge in battle while bullets are flying out, yet, the deeper the wounds, the more points and patterns to a much clearer view.


Psychotherapy changes your state of consciousness, and brings fundamental change in your sensation of who and what you are, all of what you are is part of this process, we have to go out of our minds to come to our senses.

Maya Hypnosis uses hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to resolve problems and patterns of clients whom are experiencing non-dual awakening pains and symptoms by a process of investigation, we communicate with the pains by comforting them head on. Client needs to be ready and willing to face these issues and delve deep. We utilise the emotions associated with the issue to gather relevant information. We open deeper vision, and let go of ALL when we reach ideal point. Majority only see surface of life and are content with a surface view (Ego driven). Here Ego is used as Vessel and you have own memory chest, map, compass on board so we can delve deep into the ocean of emotions to your opening. Maya Hypnosis unfolds the Maya (illusion) in coming out of the person hypnosis (shadow self); the duality to non-duality process and experience. Things come up to be burped out; thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, pains…all bubble up to the surface. You are not Maya, you have simply experienced body/mind of Maya and its conditioning, this form is just a costume. 

As non-duality Awakens, so does your Heart Intelligence, the deeper we go, the emptier your Maya Mind, the more you open heart to vision and view point. Within your session at Maya Hypnosis, you may naturally develop the ability to release linear thinking and therefore acquire the capacity to think circular which will enhance your brain performance (Matrix-Q Thinking) by simply understanding how your mind map works. The Mind Map is a giant 3D map that is constantly connecting seemingly un-connected things and drawing lines between things and your brain finds the overlap in connection to every-thing. A point that completes the plane in order to complete itself.

In the Dualistic World, we all live with an image of who we think we are. We experience ourselves as not whole in some way, so we attempt to move away from the moment, the suffering then becomes the movement;  Sorrow, anger, anxiety, fear are expressions of incompleteness and threats to completeness. We don’t see completeness in negative waves, so we try to escape them, it is this movement away from which creates the suffering, then we create stories and identities around this suffering. Awakening can be terrifying. “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

The Awakening is like becoming lucid to the dream. Each moment of lucidity can bring with it waves of immense peace: the ultimate relief of waking up from the ultimate nightmare through facing the face of fire. “Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” - Frank Herbert

This transpersonal Journey is of total Surrender of that pain. Suffering is an opportunity/invitation to discover completeness in what you are running away from. Everything in present experience appears is a wave, we are as the open space in which all appears and disappears. Who we truly are doesn't come and go. When thought appears in space, immediately a world of opposites appears. All opposites depend on each other, they rise and fall together and open space holds all. Our story is appearing and disappearing in the open space that we are. 

"Moses turned and went down the mountain with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands. They were inscribed on both sides, front and back" (Exodus). This is unusual because, in ancient times 2 parts of the same substance were never written over. Perhaps this was so that no-thing might be added/taken away?


In becoming the ALPHA ZERO. All stories created about who you are and what life is falls away in the journey. Your costumes of illusion are shed naturally. You will no longer run so quickly towards the quick-fix that used to spark your interest and desire. You will increasingly want more and want to go deeper and deeper. The storm in your head gives out its language, the rain simply gives out code.

The Awakening is personal yet collective. It’s hard, yet easy, having no body can do this for you. Words will never summarize every-thing you’ll experience on the journey to authenticity and connection, it is in the losing of words as to how you become ALPHA ZERO so, words will never be able to describe or explain it. If you are going through spiral awakening and adjusting to a changing inner landscape, it is overwhelming, know that you’re not alone. Others have and are going back through the exact way we came, WE felt/feel exactly the same way...

How can we truly die if we can travel through time? All depends on your View Point. According to the block universe theory, the universe is a giant block of all the things that ever happen at any time and at any place. On this view, past, present, future all exist and are equally real. At one end of the block is the beginning (big bang), at the other is the last moment of universe (the end), inside block is filled with every event that ever happens; birth, death, this moment. Where events are in block represents their location in spacetime, as time does not pass or flow, there’s no specific present moment and what is past to you, will be future to someone else.

We don't change the past or future, we just make future the way it is and just make past the way it is. Events in the block are there for all time, they do not change. A time traveller doesn’t appear at a past time, he is located at that past time. Nothing a time traveller does changes anything in the block, what he does at any time makes that time and he later times the way they are.

We may seem to be all over the place, when in reality we are in a spiral where we keep coming back to same point every time the spiral makes its way back around. Getting to ultimate point of "letting go" you may naturally stop breathing for a while as 'you' the 'medicine' takes over at the end of its unravelling... Blissful feelings come when heart has fully opened up to Source. Sometimes the puzzle has big pieces that are easy to put together, while other times it may take time to learn how the pieces fit, when all collapses as it unfolds and folds into itself to free itself GIANT BREATH comes at same point as all reveals itself within itself.


 ...And, here we are, sitting upon hovering lotus of life. Now we see and, the spiralling lines is the wavering path it took to find truth and balance. 


All creation and lives of the past swirled around right back through time and before time began, then back up through the future of which I have lived and worked, producing intense energy and the frequency increased and continued to increase faster and faster, the words from the face of consciousness joined …”Do you understand now? Remember…Do you remember now?…Do you understand now?...I love you… Remember now?...I Love you...We created this…It was amazing…I love you...Your work is done… Finished… Do you understand?" 

WE were never separated. The recognition of non-duality is unpredictable, some awakenings are spontaneous without any prior practice, whereas others meditate for thousands of hours and never awaken. However, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Meditation and Psychedelics appear to be the most reliable, time honoured tools for releasing humans from the grip of the separate self. Neuroscience research demonstrates an overlap in altered states of consciousness; hypnotic, meditative and psychedelic states involving the reduction of activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN), which is responsible for self-referential, ego-driven mind chatter.


Hypnotherapy  in Derbyshire,  Birmingham,  Nottingham,   Leicester,   Loughborough,   Burton upon Trent,   Sutton Coldfield,   Tamworth,  

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