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Fear and Panic

Treating attacks of Fear and Panic is childs play in the medical profession. You simply give the patient enough drugs to mask their problems and stop them complaining of their symptoms. Drugs that are designed to subdued or limit fear have some of the worst side affects of all. No one is arguing that there is a time and place for them but the often over looked fact by doctors is that attacks of fear and panic are just that, attacks. The rest of the time many patients are capable of leading a normal, healthy, fulfilling life. The drugs prescribed to a patient when they are scared out of their wits or bouncing off the walls are exactly the opposite of what they need when they are back in the real world.

Maya Hypnosis takes a different approach to things-believing that the Fear/Panic should not be covered up but worked with. If you want to be able to cure it you must first be able to see it, be comfortable around it and understand where it is coming from.

The Reality of today's fast past culture is that fear and panic are on the increase. It is time we started looking into why.

Fear and Panic in particular are very important responses by our bodies to out side events and are intended to keep us from harm. Our unconscious minds take in far more information than we are aware of and some times making our bodies scared or nervous is the only way of getting the message across.

Our memories are more powerful than we often give them credit for aswell. If we have experience extreme fear previously in this life or a past one, even if we cant remember the event , our unconscious may cause our bodies to relive the response as a form of defence.

Finding out where the feelings stem from gives the best opportunity of over coming them.

Maya Hypnosis guides clients to study their feelings of panic and fear in a relaxed state, helping them find the root cause of the problem. Being able to study the fear or panic in this way instantly reduces the hold it has over you as you learn to separate the You from the Feeling. Many times when we look at the root cause of a problem we see that fear or panic was the correct response at that time but now we must tell our bodies that we are free of that situation. Working directly with the unconscious we can look closely at what the body feels just before a panic attack starts and then begin to reprogram our response to one more suited to the situation. Where there was fear and panic we can bring calm, strength and certainty.

Disclaimer: To comply with UK and European Law, it is a requirement that any advice sought from this website is for educational purposes only and in no way is intended to replace or supersede medical advice. Always consult your Doctor or GP for any ailments.

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