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Weight Loss and Gastric Band

Maya Hypnosis helps you undergo a personal transformation to lose weight bringing forward awareness of why you are over-weight and changes the way you think about yourself, your fears, your meals, motivation and exercise.

In today's society we are all made aware of the risks associated with being over weight and there are certainly no shortage of diets around, so why then is the population getting more and more obese?

To maintain a healthy weight sounds simple, you simply have to consume the same amount of calories that you use, but if the mind is constantly telling you that you are hungry or that extra biscuit wont do any harm then loosing weight becomes a lot harder than it sounds. If we try to diet without tackling the underlying emotional issues the results will only ever be temporary and the likely hood is that you will put on more weight than you have lost.

Motivation is one of the most important factors which determine how successful we are at loosing weight but with out addressing the reasons why you put the weight on in the first place you will be fighting a up hill battle. If you can bring peace to the mind first then your body will follow naturally. To succeed in weight loss, motivation is important but to rely on this alone severely reduces your chances of success.

When we are at war with our bodies, our emotional health suffers as much as our physical health does. Maya Hypnosis uses your unconscious information as a guide to bring balance to your mind body and soul, the way nature intended. Your unconscious speaks your truth, it knows everything there is to know about you and how to fix you. You are your own doctor and dietician and nobody out there is better qualified to give you advice than you.

For many overweight people stress and low self esteem are the underlying problems which lead to over eating. In these instances our minds go into a sort of survival mode and crave as much food as possible in the belief it will make us stronger and so better equipped to deal with our situation. In reality the opposite is true and this extra intake of food slows our bodies down and reduces our energy, this in turn leads our minds to need more and so the cycle continues. To make matters worse we rarely crave healthy  foods but instead high calorie, fatty, man made snacks.

At Maya Hypnosis Kali can help you break this cycle by helping you deal with the stress and/or low self esteem in a healthy natural way. If the cravings can stop just think how easy dieting would be. The majority of Kali’s clients do not find they need to diet once the stress and/or low self esteem have been addressed as with out the mind craving high calorie foods the weight falls away naturally.

When we learn to listen to our bodies they will naturally start to follow the seasons and consume more in the winter months than the summer months. This cycle aids the mind and lets us function fully and in harmony.

Hypno Gastric Band

For those still having problems with their weight  the Hypno Gastric Band procedure is offered. Hypnosis is used to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding without the associated risks. Kali is able to use hypnosis to take you through the detailed operation and create a state where your unconscious believes a Gastric Band has been fitted and small amounts of food will make you feel full. It is an ideal solution and tool for long term weight problems but only if the underlying issues have been dealt with first.

A study by Dutch doctors has found the success rate for Surgical Gastric Banding might be so low it calls into question whether the operation is worth doing. In their study they found five years after surgery, a third failed to lose significant weight and after ten years, two-thirds were around their original size. As a result of complications, a third of patients needed the operation re- done after five years, while half needed this at ten years. This is not to mention all the risks of being cut open in the first place. This is what comes from separating you mind body and soul. Treating just one part of you never works.

Kali's harmonised approach maximises your chance of success and eliminates the risks. Working with the mind body and soul together can help you loose the weight once and for all leaving behind a healthier happy you.


Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire, Birmingham,   Derby,   Nottingham,   Leicester,   Loughborough,   Burton upon Trent,   Sutton Coldfield,   Tamworth,  

Lichfield,   Coventry,   Nuneaton,   Cannock,   Long Eaton,   Stafford,   Uttoxeter,   Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

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