Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives

Past life therapy helps one to overcome the challenges we carry from the unresolved Past; a Past not understood and unresolved keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns. It is a Soul Science that makes you understand and resolve the root cause of all self-created problems through our own experience. In doing so we are able to understand the whole. Regression, Past Life Regression and Progression are some of the most valuable tools to a client if used correctly and with the respect they deserve.

Past life regression is often used to determine the causes of one’s problems that may root from the lives one lived. This is especially helpful with health issues as it can help ‘heal’ the past event/s to make the condition easier to heal in the present. Past life regression can also show and heal the client’s repetitive behaviour, fears, frustration, struggle, dreams, and many life attributes. We are eternal beings, constantly creating our own reality by virtue of the choices that we make. Our choices are determined by our past conditioning. Karmic Baggage dissolves through wisdom gathered from our past, karma is not a punishment but it is a lesson to be learnt. If you learn from the past you learn to live fully in the present and create a joyful future.

Life between lives, is an expansion of Past Life Regression where one connects to their immortal soul self. Past Life Regression deals with the time spent in body on this planet but Life between Lives deals with the time spent out of body. The time between the end of one life and the beginning of another. This gives clients a whole other perspective on life, love and the universe. This is where the real learning and reflection is done. Kali is considered a pioneer in unveiling the mysteries of life and death through the use of Regression and Progression. She specialises in the recovery of lost wisdom and works with Mind Body Spirit Soul as a whole to identify, clear and remove negative blocks and beliefs, which produces a much clearer view on oneself and the world around us. Balancing yourself in turn contributes to Universal balance.

The works of Maya Hypnosis is so far advanced that clients often get in touch with alternate versions of themselves in alternate universes. This is down to the Quantum effect. Every decision we make creates two realities, one we are in now, following the decision and another where we took the other choice. Decisions we take in these realities then go on to create more realities and so on and so on. These realities stretch out through space like the roots of a tree allowing all possibilities to become true. Tracing them back allows us to pinpoint where things went wrong and change our current reality or understand that by going through some life events which seemed unfair at the time we have been saved us from worse fates.


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