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Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives

Maya Hypnosis uses the full range of therapies developed by Dr William Baldwin, consisting of Past Life Therapy (PLT), Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Recovery of Soul Fragmentation (RSF). These three modalities taken together, constitute the “Baldwin Method of regression therapy.” All therapies are interwoven according to the differential diagnosis that emerges from questioning the hypnotised client and what client is describing while hypnotised, this determines how these therapies can be employed to liberate interfering past-life personalities, attached earthbound spirits, and/or client soul fragments that have been lost or otherwise wrongfully appropriated by others. Baldwin publicly declared in 1991 that “spirit attachment is almost universal in the human population” and, for this reason, mental health professionals and clergy should be “trained to use the appropriate techniques to relieve this affliction.”

In Past-Life Therapy, client may indicate re-experiencing and remembering excruciatingly painful details of a traumatic event in a previous life or, it may turn out, after questioning an attached earthbound spirit (EB) who is then able to speak through client, that these are details of a previous life of the EB. What clients explain often seems to confirm the reality of reincarnation. However, the only thing that is important for them is whether the information coming through the client can lead to healing the client.

Recovery of Soul Fragmentation (RSF) takes its name from the shamanic healing process of soul retrieval and is based on the straight-forward understanding that there are many traumatic situations in human life which can cause the delicate soul/mind of a human being to fragment or shatter. 'Under hypnosis patients claim that their souls are fragmented due to some emotional, mental, and physical trauma. They often report that their souls are not complete or whole and use such terms as broken, divided, split, fractured, or fragmented, to indicate that parts or pieces of their souls are missing'. – Dr. Shakuntala Modi

Past life therapy helps one to overcome the challenges we carry from the unresolved Past; a Past not understood and unresolved keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns. It is a Soul Science that makes you understand and resolve the root cause of all self-created problems through our own experience. In doing so we are able to understand the whole. Regression, Past Life Regression and Progression are some of the most valuable tools to a client if used correctly and with the respect they deserve.

Past life regression is often used to determine the causes of one’s problems that may root from the lives one lived. This is especially helpful with health issues as it can help ‘heal’ the past event/s to make the condition easier to heal in the present. Past life regression can also show and heal the client’s repetitive behaviour, fears, frustration, struggle, dreams, and many life attributes. We are eternal beings, constantly creating our own reality by virtue of the choices that we make. Our choices are determined by our past conditioning. Karmic Baggage dissolves through wisdom gathered from our past, karma is not a punishment but it is a lesson to be learnt. If you learn from the past you learn to live fully in the present and create a joyful future.

Life between lives, is an expansion of Past Life Regression where one connects to their immortal soul self. Past Life Regression deals with the time spent in body on this planet, Life between Lives deals with the time spent out of body. The time between the end of one life and the beginning of another. This gives clients a whole other perspective on life, love and the universe. This is where the real learning and reflection is done. We are considered pioneers in unveiling the mysteries of life and death through the use of Regression and Progression. We specialise in the recovery of lost wisdom and work with Mind Body Spirit Soul as a whole to identify, clear and remove negative blocks and beliefs, which produces a much clearer view on oneself and the world around us.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God!” - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Similarities between Past Life Regression, Life In-Between-Lives, After Life and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) ; DMT is a molecule your body creates. It's thought that DMT floods your brain when you die, giving it the name "God Molecule." The Life-In-Between Lives Experience and The DMT Experience: In breakthrough experiences, you feel like your body gets left behind on Earth like a husk as your soul departs for multi-dimensional realities made of colour and light. New insights are discovered and the inability to integrate the awareness of a multidimensional existence into the 3D reality they return to. DMT, once activated, you are likely to feel like the world is fizzling out while your body gives up attempts to keep itself in an alert state, you unplug and are born plugged into a new universe.

Philosopher and psychologist Raymond Moody coined the phrase Near Death Experience (NDE)1975 in his book ‘Life After Life’. Moody studied 50 people who experienced 'clinical death' but were subsequently revived, identifying common elements: a bright light, a sense of detachment from the body, feelings of security and warmth and encounters with spiritual beings such as angels. “What has amazed me since the beginning of my interest are the great similarities in the reports,” he wrote. “Despite the fact they come from people of highly varied religious, social, and educational backgrounds.”

These worlds feel eternal (space, no time) and much more real than ours; There is ego death – detachment from memories and conditionings of life on Earth, a chance at fully surrender to the prospect of dying. There are entities – human, non-human, Extraterrestrial, angel or God-like. There maybe guardians, guides. There is unconditional love, acceptance and peace. There is a chance to let go of thought and understand what we call life, its beauties, its pains and complications; a temporary stop on our souls’ endless galactic journeys.

There is good and bad, light and dark in every sphere? Are there other kinds of entities? From the 6,000 sessions Dr Baldwin conducted before he died in 2004, three major categories of possessing entities were identified: Earthbound spirits (EBs), Dark Force Entities (DFEs), and Extraterrestrials (ETs). DFEs are demonic spirits that have never experienced their own physical embodiment. We do not know if these DFEs have actual existence, clients consistently identify these demonic spirits as fallen angels who originally followed Lucifer when he was cast out of heaven. ETs are not the spirits of Extraterrestrials, they are Extraterrestrials in their natural, nonphysical state. They are extremely intelligent and often claim to be from “far away,” and visiting earth on scientific missions (usually to observe some aspect of human behaviour). All attachments speak through the hypnotised client which allows therapist to carry out discussions with them, eventually persuading them to discontinue their intrusive activities and then to depart from their host. 


Both Dr Baldwin and Dr Modi discovered that between 80% and 90% of their clients’ debilitating symptoms were caused by possessing human and demon entities, and removing these attached spirits for the most part permanently removed their patients’ symptoms. We do not know if these demons are real or not; the only thing that really matters is that “by removing these so-called demons from… patients, their emotional and physical symptoms are improved or cured completely.”


Hypnotherapy Past Life Therapy in Derbyshire, Birmingham, Nottingham,  Leicester,  Loughborough,  Burton upon Trent,  Sutton Coldfield,  Tamworth,  Lichfield,  Coventry,  Nuneaton,  Cannock,  Long Eaton,  Stafford,  Uttoxeter,  Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

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