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Archetypes, the Psyche and Re-birth

​​Maya Hypnosis uncovers what has been long hidden. The process of Maya operates in four phases: revelation, judgment, destruction, and a new birth. If we look back over two centuries, we see the revelation of torrents of new scientific, psychological and social truth; judgments or assessments made on the basis of this new truth; the collapse of beliefs and institutions based on the former truth are becoming dysfunctional.

Archetypes are projected in myths and legends and also onto real historical figures-they affect the ways in which we perceive and understand the world and are a very ancient part of the psyche. The madness of Trauma, Panic is its own revelation, and how it manifests depends upon whether or not we recognize what is being revealed to us through what we are compulsively and unconsciously acting out as history.

​As symbols attain a cultural life beyond any particular work of the imagination, they naturally become archetypes. As Religious belief and ritual are manifestations of the archetypal blueprint for human existence encoded in the genetic structure of our species and visual symbols (energetic imprints) all that is exists in our psyches. Some Archetypes are readily understood while others bring subliminal messages that are there to help you trigger your memory of who you are, why you are here and the truth behind the illusion of reality. And, some can often convey messages that verbal and written information cannot and are found everywhere, as their symbols (for example, crop circles) are a language of the mind, taken to different frequencies of thought and connected to each other by the collective unconsciousness.


Without spiritual awareness, you will only be able to connect with astral energies that are thought forms created throughout human history. So called "dark energies" are very real, and exist in the astral field of your planet. They can only influence you when you are on that level of consciousness. It is simple to transcend this level by using your conscious intention to do so. Maya Hypnosis often works with the ‘The Black Hole’ of depression and fear which operates in the same pattern as the Flower-Of-Life as there is a point of entrance, destruction and re-emerging of life & light. The ones who had given us this symbol, were not just trying to tell us something about this universe, but were actually giving us a blue print to free energy.


The flower of life refers to sacred geometry (also archetype); represents the metaphysical relationship between our physical existence and the spiritual source of existence -- between the consciousness of the individual and the Universal Consciousness of the transcendental dimension. This relationship is the seed of creation, a dynamic process at the root of our existence. It is the 'first cause' of all forms of being and is experienced as consciousness and time within the individual -- the source of the experience of "otherness" and the entire field of objective spacetime.

‘Innate universal psychic dispositions that form the substrate from which the basic symbols or representations of unconscious experience emerge’ (Carl Jung).

Maya Hypnosis activates the Archetype in the collective unconscious so that you can re-contextualize your problems, challenges, trauma and madness. Here we continually deepen healing to remember the experience of trauma within self, which is simultaneously a microcosmic, personalized fractal reflecting the greater trauma resonating throughout the collective field. This realization allows you to not personalize the moment of feeling the trauma but to give yourself over and embrace the experience.


For 'The journey towards Higher-Self', Maya Hypnosis uses first form, imprint or pattern-deposits of experiences that have been frequently repeated in the history of mankind. 'These forms are present in all humans from birth, and reside as energy at a deep level of the unconscious and can be experienced in several ways - a story- pattern or an image, an animal or bird, mythical or archetypal being or even as an emotional feeling. Archetypes operate in the universally observable phenomenon of the daily journey of the sun across the sky. Variations on this theme are fundamental to many religions. In this way a natural, physical process gives rise to a subjective fantasy, which is then incorporated into a universally recognizable myth, they also appear in other guises in anthropology and comparative religion; often as primordial thoughts or categories of the imagination. It is in the ‘Understanding’ of how they affect human behaviour that stems right through ancient history. People simply form different archetypes according to their culture, life experience and beliefs'. (Jung: The Key Ideas: Teach Yourself).


Sooner or later, the life within us forces us to grow beyond the constrictions of our current world (our beliefs, practices, sense of self, etc.). 'Trauma/Exeriences ensues our open-ended human system is thrown into a fertile chaos. In that chaos, we appear to be suffering, and we are! This creates the conditions for a letting go and surrendering of what we’ve been, if we are lucky then we transform into a being which is somehow larger, more inclusive and able to identify with more in a much grander scale'.


Hypnotherapy Archetypes Psyche in Derbyshire, Birmingham,  Derby,  Nottingham,  Leicester,  Loughborough,  Burton upon Trent,  Sutton Coldfield,  Tamworth,  Lichfield, Coventry,  Nuneaton,  Cannock,  Long Eaton,  Stafford,  Uttoxeter,  Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

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