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Unlocking the Gifts of Dyslexia


Healing, Self-Observation, Understandings and Coaching


Maya Hypnosis has formulated a system to help highlight the strength of any learning difference and teach the client how to put it into practice in the everyday world. The attributes associated with Dyslexia and the like should not be seen as disabilities but skills spoken in a different way of thinking and language. If we can learn to translate these skills in a useful way to the rest of society we can forge our own path of success into the future.

Dyslexia is normally associated with visual thinking. Thinking and learning in pictures rather than words is thousands of times faster (visual imagery learning). Acquiring all information as pictures creates an immense amount of multi-dimensional information which can be manipulated by the brain to enable intuitive thinking, perception, and other interesting thought processes. In this sense a picture really can speak a thousand words. The down side is that unless one learns how to handle this bombardment of information it can lead to thought delays, tiredness , battles and confusions. If we can learn simple ways to organise this info we can then learn to put it to use. 

Maya Hypnosis guides you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and learn to harness a skill we have in one area of our life and use it in another. Learning how to handle the information and emotions is the first part of the process.  This may be harder than you think for the creative thinker who can take in vast amounts of visual information in seconds.

“The words or the language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought. The psychical entities, which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be “voluntarily” reproduced and combined.” [Albert Einstein]

It’s the out of the box thinking that puts many ahead in the world of business. Although many get pushed down during the school years for not being able to fit into a learning system that was not designed for them, it’s the coping strategies they learn here that can accelerate them in later life.

‘Individuals with Strong Right-Brain Functioning such as Dyslexics - Will Rule the Future’ (Daniel Pink).

Pink believes right brainers will be invaluable as the future becomes more technologically advanced, making many current jobs redundant. Because of their condition, dyslexics naturally develop strong right-brain abilities, making dyslexia an advantage in the theory of Pink. According to Pink’s research, 35% of small-business owners are dyslexic, and self-made millionaires are more likely to be dyslexic than the average population.

Maya Hypnosis gets one to explore aspects of ones personality to the strengths you have never seen the potential of before; helping you to reach and transmit the positive emotions needed to fulfil your dreams and stop the negative emotion strangling you.  People with Learning “difficulties” might do just as well to accuse the teacher of having teaching “difficulties”. Can one exist without the other?  If someone is not teaching in your manor of learning then of course you are going to struggle. Once you know how best to handle your learning or social difference and see how your skills can fit into and around society you can start making giant leaps towards your life’s goals.

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire,  Birmingham,    Nottingham,   Leicester,   Loughborough,   Burton upon Trent,   Sutton Coldfield,   Tamworth,  

Lichfield,   Coventry,   Nuneaton,   Cannock,   Long Eaton,   Stafford,   Uttoxeter,   Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

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