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Alien Abduction, Post Abduction Syndrome, UFO abduction,
Help and support for Alien Abductees, ET and UFO Experiencers

Alien Abduction Specialist Derbyshire, brings awareness of a new and emerging syndrome (PAS) and attempts to define the cluster of symptoms and behaviours related to the alien abduction phenomenon. Alien Abduction Therapist investigates and created a treatment plan in the resolution of Alien Abduction, Alien Contact, Alien Abduction Syndrome, Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS) and Unblocks the Contaminated Belief System; Individuals may or may not remember their experiences but, most have symptoms of the trauma. Many seeking help for Alien Abduction would prefer to be seen as mentally unbalanced rather than having had these experiences. Some mental health professionals are quick to jump in and categorize those individuals as paranoid, delusional or psychotic because such encounters are so incredible that they are interpreted as pure fantasy. Refuting or rejecting the possibility of the abduction Phenomenon does not negate the possibility of it's existence. ​


What ever your opinion on Aliens, ET's and UFOs, real or not, there's far too many people having identical thoughts, feelings, traumas and experiences for them not to be looked into. Too many of todays problems are simply medicated away without being fully understood. Everything holds a message, lesson and key for us. If these experiences are real, they would be the answers of the Universe to change man's course.


For too many, stories of aliens and abductions are instantly dismissed as hearsay, lies or make believe, but opinion is fast changing. Many scientists and prominent figures such as Stephen Hawking and Stephen Fry now think that it is a mathematical impossibility that other life forms don’t exist somewhere else in the universe. With the progress in technology we are now able to see further than ever before. Scientist now think that our universe - which spans over 14 billion light years - contains an estimated 30 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 stars, or 30 billion trillion stars. Within that astronomical number of stars it seems inconceivable that there isn’t life out there somewhere. The Roper Survey (conducted in 1991), suggests that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of American men, women and children may have experienced abduction or abduction-related phenomena.


Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS)  or Alien Abduction Syndrome is an anxiety disorder that is closely related to Post traumatic Stress Disorder. It is characterised by the re-experiencing of abduction related memories, fragments, or distortions of those memories and is accompanied by symptoms of increased anxiety and by avoidance of stimuli related to abduction memories or abduction related events. The affected person may experience levels of anxiety that interfere with functioning in personal, occupational, or social areas; be self-destructive with impulsive behaviours, Personality changes, Panic disorders, Agoraphobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or repetitive behaviours or rituals, Depression, Substance Abuse/Dependence-in an effort to self-medicate to reduce anxiety or sleep, Constant searching for answers to questions they may not be able to voice (conversation, Dr Jacobs, 1999) Abductees may feel some part of their psyche is alienated from itself due to inaccessibility of memory of abduction experiences or partial or distorted memory of abduction. Rose Hargrove:


Symptoms and findings from Abductions: Insomnia, night sweats, trembling, muscle aches and soreness, muscle twitches, clammy hands, dry mouth, palpitations, dizziness, headaches and migraine, hyperventilation or difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, hypertension, gynaecological problems, positive pregnancy tests with unexplainable missing fetuses, unexplainable appearance of strange lesions, scars, bruises, or burns (conversation, Dr Jacobs, 1999), abdominal tenderness, loss of ovaries, joint or back pain without memory of physical injury.


Experiencers of ET and UFOs; Experiencers are individuals who have been abducted or had first-hand contact with ETs, other species, inter-dimensional beings or UFOs. This contact may manifest in various ways, including physical abduction, psychic contact, only once or repeatedly over the course of lifetimes. Some Experiencers have conscious memories of these events and respond with joy and a feeling of privilege or blessing, even eagerly anticipating the next experience. However, many react with fear, dread or confusion and find themselves alone and doubting their own sanity. In most cases, there is no conscious memory or, at best, vague partial recollections or recurring dreams of something that they don’t understand and that fill them with dread and confusion.


Many Experiencers seek hypnotherapy for help in retrieving repressed or partially-repressed memories related to ET experiences and in understanding and coping with their aftermath. Hypnosis is a basic tool for the investigation of missing time. Memory blocks open to hypnosis and regression to release the full abduction story/experience to conscious recall to gain understanding and a measure of control over the disturbing after effects of their experiences. The foremost problem the abductees have is the emotional isolation.

Treatment Plan for PAS


Alien Abduction Therapist allows client to heal self through reliving the Abduction Experience; Hypnotherapy helps to lessen chronic anxiety caused by dreams and intrusive thoughts that often follow Abduction Experiences or Alien contact and can enable Abductee to gain new insight into years of possible misunderstood or unexplained behaviour. Troublesome issues such as panic, fears, phobias, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviours that stem from Alien - ET contact often decrease or disappear completely when the experience is carefully and competently explored and reconciled.

The work of Maya Hypnosis is all about assisting clients in knowing who they are and connecting with their Source. By reconnecting with our source of life we reconnect with each other. Many Experiencers report that after hypnotherapy, they are finally able to sleep normally and go about their daily lives without the disturbing half-memories and nightmares that had plagued them. In addition, they often find they are more confident in many areas of their lives. Hypnotherapy can bring abduction or contact memories into normal recall, where the Experiencer can ultimately come to terms with them. Coming to terms with any issue is the first step in overcoming it. Research has shown that people who have chosen to explore their ET experiences with hypnotherapy are almost always satisfied with their decision.


​Alien Abductee, Alien Contact, ET Experiencer, Alien Abduction Syndrome or PAS symptoms? Considering hypnotherapy? Look carefully at a few facts before going ahead with your exploration;


1. Know that the decision to pursue these experiences and memories will be one of the most important that you ever make. If you learn that you are an Experiencer and come to understand the ramifications, there will be no turning back. Your life will never be the same.


2. Realise that memories sometimes do not reflect reality. The human mind is very complex and human memory can be undependable. People sometimes remember events incorrectly, create imaginary scenarios (consciously or unconsciously) and remember things that didn’t really happen. This is especially true with memories of abduction/contact events. ETs appear to be adept at mental and neurological manipulation, thereby causing a person to see things that aren’t there or more commonly not see things that are there. It is important to seek the help of a well-trained, experienced and ethical therapist who can help you recover valid memories and assist you in navigating through them. You should always strive to retain a healthy scepticism of your own memories.


3. Individuals with frequent and intense abduction activity may approach normality, however when activity is intense symptoms of PAS may increase. We will have to determine how often you are abducted to provide you with suitable coping skills (this needs time discipline and patience but the out-come will be rewarding and will determine your strengths).




Alien Abduction Hypnotherapy Regression in Derbyshire, Birmingham,   Derby,   Nottingham,  Leicester, Loughborough,   Burton upon Trent,   Sutton Coldfield,   Tamworth,   Lichfield,   Coventry,   Nuneaton,   Cannock,   Long Eaton,   Stafford,   Uttoxeter,   Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

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